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Where to find your passion?

Where To Find Your Passion? - a short story to inspire

Where To Find Your Passion? – a short story to inspire

So you want to achieve something in life,
You think you will have to work hard, well yes of-course.
You have everything planned out for yourself, that’s good.
When are you going to start then?
Don’t know? why?
Maybe I have to get away from where I am, to start something new? Maybe go to a big city?
Let’s see what role does the place, plays in people’s success……..
” “
One Monday morning, walking down the street, I accidentally collided to someone and fell hard.
For a moment my head was dizzy, but then I gained my senses and looked over if the person I collided with was fine or not.
He/she seemed bewildered and seemed to be searching something on the ground.
I looked at my side and saw a brown colored wooden box was laying there, I took it and asked if it was his/her.
His/her face lit up in relaxation on seeing the box and I gave it to him/her.
I then inquired if he/she will open it to make sure anything in the box is broken.
“No, I’m not supposed to open it.” he/she said.
“Why?” I asked.
“It was given to me by someone, and opening it might change my life. So, I want to open it at some place which would benefit me the most.” he/she answered and smiled.
It was quite a strange thought, but who am I to judge.
We then stood there for a few minutes and talked. It was a good conversation and we decided to meet again the next day, at the same place.
For a couple of days we jogged together and shared our hobbies and likes/dislikes.
He/she was a very interesting person. Self disciplined and sorted. I’ve never met such an organised person.
I could learn a thing or two, I thought. After all it was always pleasant talking to him/her.
Some days later, he/she brought the box with him/her again.
I asked if he/she opened it or not. His/her reply was simply no.
“Aren’t you a little curious about what’s inside?” I asked.
“I am, but I don’t want to ruin the moment. The first time I open it will be at a place better than here.” he/she said.
“What’s wrong with this place?”
“Nothing, it’s just that, the person who gave me this told me that ‘the good the vibes are, the greater will be the impact of the box’ and so I want to open it at a good place, some big city.” he/she said.
I thought about it for a moment and then joked “Is there a magical object in it or something?”
“Maybe.” he/she said and I stood there perplexed.
“I was kidding.” he/she said and laughed.
For a few days now, I kept wondering what was in that box. Why does a place matter so much to him/her?
Then one day he/she came to my house unannounced. The look on his/her face said that something was wrong.
I invited him/her in and offered something to drink. Then we sat down in front of the TV.
For a while he/she was quiet. I wanted to start a conversation but I wasn’t aware of the situation and so I didn’t know what to say.
He/she then finally spoke. “There is something you should know.” he/she said
I looked at him/her inquisitively and he/she smiled.
“The thing is..” he/she started, “I’m not just a normal person, I’m supposed to be much more.” he/she said and paused.
I wasn’t able to understand a thing and I kept looking at him/her. I had no idea where this conversation was going.
“I’m supernatural.” he/she blurted out suddenly and I was stunned.
How was that possible. How can any of this be true. Maybe I was dreaming. It’s beyond possible, what did I just heard. This can’t be.
I kept telling myself that I heard something wrong, but apparently I didn’t.
I was not ready to believe anything until he/she showed me a vision. I jumped at the instant but then I calmed down.
“What was it?” I asked
“That was my imagination of a different world and I wanted to show it to you, and so I did.” he/she replied
“That was amazing.” I said calmly and then paused.
For a moment there were awkward eye contacts and total silence.
Then I asked why would he/she reveal such thing to me.
And he/she simply replied that he/she trusted me. “I could never trust anyone before you.” and added.
“So, what should we do now?” I asked with a awkward laugh.
He/she thought for a moment and looked at me with a beaming smile, held out a hand and asked “Do you trust me?”
I said yes with a wide smile and put my hand in his/hers and we left my house.
He/she took me to his/her place and as we entered, I realized that this was the most beautiful house I ever saw. 
His/her room had a lot of creative stuff, I was fascinated by all the things and when I asked where did he/she get them.
“I made them by myself.” was the reply.
All the stuff in his/her room was so great I couldn’t say anything and just kept staring at them.
I was constantly wondering that if all the things had some kind of magic and so I finally asked.
“Sort of.” he/she replied and smiled. “I’m really happy that you liked it.” and added.
“How can I not like it, everything is so beautiful.” I said, still fascinated.
My eyes then dropped on that unopened box and I couldn’t help but ask why he/she has not opened it yet.
He/she just simply nodded a no and sat on his/her bed. I sat at a chair beside him/her and tried to comfort. 
After a few minutes he/she finally spoke. 
“I want to become something more than I am right now. I know my stuff, I know what to do and how to do it. I know where I want to be in next few years, I have everything planned out. But the only thing stopping me, is that I have to get out of here so that I can do something better.” he/she said.
“What’s wrong here?” I asked
“I don’t know, nothing. It’s just I’ve never heard any of my people start anything in a small town like this.” he/she said with an alas.
I sat there in silence holding his/her hand. 
“Ohh! I’m just being stupid, I’m not gonna get anywhere, no matter where I am right now.” he/she said in frustration.
“I don’t think so.” I said firmly and he/she looked up at me in confusion.
“Even when I didn’t know about this super stuff, I always thought that you were great. The way you talked, you inspired me a lot. And it won’t matter where you are, trust me, all that matters is how bad do you want it.” I continued and then paused.
A little hint of hope was flickering again in his/her eyes. I was happy to see those glistening eyes again, which I adored the most. 
No one was saying anything but nothing seemed to be silent. There were voices in our head, pumping up our spirits. 
It was a good feeling. Just then I realized something.
Where To Find Your Passion? - a short story to inspire
“Open up the box.” I said
“What?” he/she cried in shock.
“Open it up, the most positive vibes, aren’t you feeling them right now?” I asked
“Yes..! yes I’m.” he/she answered in excitement. 
He/she went to grab the box from the desk and then sat back on the bed.
With the box in his/her hand and a little hesitation in mind, he/she looked at me, so I smiled and  encouraged.
Finally, he/she opened it and a bright light exploded out of it, blinding us and we closed our eyes.
When it felt that the light was gone, I opened my eyes and saw that his/her were still close. 
I gently nudged him/her, to open his/her eyes. And he/she did.
His/her expression were ecstatic as well as nervous. We then looked in the box and there was nothing but a paper within.
He/she took it and read aloud ‘it’s all here, within you. Stop searching and start looking at yourself. you’ve got it all.’ 
We looked at each other and burst out laughing.
There wasn’t anything huge or any shortcut in that box, but yes it was though magical.
“What are you gonna do now?” I asked
“I’m going to start, right here, right now.” he/she said elegantly, with a huge smile.
And we both knew, this was going to lead to something bigger than any of us in that room right now.
” “
  • If you have something to share with the world, something that you know everyone will love, then never stop or doubt yourself, just do it.
  • It doesn’t matter where you start, the end goal, the place where you wanna be has to be clear in your head.
  • There will be some hurdles, there will be de-motivators, don’t let them get you.
  • Always trust your instincts, they lead to where you wanna be and what you really wanna do.
  • It will always be up to you. People would help, they would encourage, but no one will do it for you.

Hello everyone,

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