We all live someone else’s dream and dream to live like someone else.

– Nidhi

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  • Finding your Passion and 5 common roadblocks
    When it comes to finding your passion, you either give it your all or end up running around in circles. If that has happened to you, don’t fret you’re not
  • The Bridge Of Life
    From the first cry to the time we dieSome days we fall apart, and on the others, we fly Learning to walk by holding others’ handsGoing to school and making
  • Ray Of Hope
    To all those who have been judged,To all those who have been hit;To all those who have been abused,To all those who have been stalked;To all those who have been
  • Reading Zero to Billions- The Zerodha Story
    We all love a good story and Zero to Billions is one such story, Before reading the book I thought it would be a general biography of a billionaire, But

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