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Fiction, If I Fall

Chapter- 10 | She is, who?

Short fiction tale

Chapter- 10 (If I Fall)

She is, who?

After that day, I needed answers and I knew I can’t get them from my sister.

It was okay for me that she didn’t want to discuss something, but why lie?

She could have simply told me not to ask, and I wouldn’t,

We have at least a bond that strong, I would always respect her choices.

And I don’t recall us keeping secrets from each other,

What would make her lie to me like that? And why now of all times?

The answers that I seek are revolving around me, if only I knew where to look.

Everything seemed to go back to normal, except for me of course,

I waited for things to settle down so it won’t raise any suspicion when I try to look what I had forgotten,

There was something weird though,

How can a mere dehydration wipe out my memory?

And when I try hard to think of that day, my head starts aching again,

I have to know what it is, I must know,

But if I go the hospital, I might get caught. Mom is good friends with nurses there,

I think I should just head out and follow my instincts.

“Where are you going sweetie?” Dad saw me at the door,

“Just to meet a friend, I’ll be back in an hour.” I said and left,

Little did I know my instincts would lead me back to that coffee shop and in front of that girl.

At first she panicked when she saw me standing next to her,

But I held her wrist and asked her to clam down.

Her name was Lisa Dwyer,

I asked her if she knew me, and she said yes.

When I asked her how, she revealed the most shocking truth.

to be continued…

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