Fiction 500 words, chapter -13 my friends, by the caffables a short story blog.
Fiction, If I Fall

Chapter- 13 | My Friends

Fiction 500 words

Chapter- 13 (If I Fall)

My Friends.

“Carl and Cindy?” he said with a shocking expression,

“Yes, we were good friends in high school.” I replied,

“You never mentioned them.” he claimed,

That was true I never did and now that I think about it seems strange.

They are the only friends I remember,

And yet I never even tried to reach out to them,

And what’s most scary is the blanks I have in my memory,

Suddenly I don’t remember anything from my past, or nothing seems clear,

I have to do something about it, and I don’t know what but I have to bring my memories back.

“Angie, hey slow down. Where are you rushing to?” his words made me realize I got lost in my thoughts again,

I apologized and changed the topic before he asks too many questions,

Not that I wanted to hide anything from him but I wasn’t sure of anything myself.

“I think I should do it by myself, you can go?” I told him,

“Why what happened did I do something wrong?”

“No, it’s just.. um.. nothing. Please I want to do it by myself.” I walked away as soon I finished speaking,

I wanted to look back but I couldn’t. Leaving him felt bad,

And that too without telling him what was going on with me.

It feels like I am betraying him after everything he has done for me, and he might not even know it.

Because of him I felt alive again, and started loving everything around me,

I will thank him after all of this is over,I will.

All alone I marched towards where I knew Carl and Cindy lived,

Or where I think they live because apparently I can’t even remember their last names.

The doorbell rang and a timid looking woman opened the door,

“What are you doing here, you evil witch.” she screamed on seeing me.

My feet went cold, and listening her scream a man, who seemed like her husband, came outside.

I didn’t know what to do next, and so I stood there staring at them to get a chance to explain my visit.

to be continued…

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