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Fiction, If I Fall

Chapter- 6 | Joe Berry

Fiction Tale

Joe Berry

“So, Angelina Price ha! That’s very fancy. Who are you a celebrity or something?” it seemed like he was trying to tease me,

“My parents seem to like this name so it’s not exactly my fault. Just call me Angie please.” I sounded a bit irritated which I didn’t intend to do but couldn’t help it anyway.

He smiled and started walking with me, and so I continued moving my feet.

For a moment I felt like I was being interrogated because he kept asking me so many questions,

Which evidently I wasn’t comfortable with, counting my reserved nature,

But after so many questions from him I asked why he was so keen to know about me,

And his reply left me both annoyed and blushing,

“I find you interesting.” he said,

It was flattering alright but I didn’t know how to react to it, I never experienced something like that before,

We kept on walking for sometime and he kept the conversation going, asking almost everything about me.

But I wanted to know about him too and so I interrupted him asking to tell me about him,

“Well, you know the name Joe. And apart from that there’s not much to know about.” he hesitated,

Funny how things can get, right when I thought I should make a friend he turns out to be hiding something.

But I don’t wanna jump to conclusions either, I don’t know the person or what he has been through,

Even though he doesn’t look like didn’t have a bad past it might be the case, people can tend to be strong sometimes.

“What do you mean?” I asked,

“There’s me, my parents and an older brother. We all are very close and we love each other. And all basic stuff.” he said with an ease and it felt true, I didn’t sense if he was lying.

And maybe he wasn’t, who am I to judge anyway. So I accepted whatever he said,

“Just Normal stuff, yeah?” I was rather cheerful this time.

And apparently that put him in a good mood too. After that he kept talking about his family, he seems to really love them.

Everything was just fine and I got a sudden feeling that it was too good to be true,

I looked at him with a doubt and he inquired if I was okay,

“A moment ago you didn’t wanted to talk about yourself and now you can’t stop, why?” I asked,

“I don’t know I’m just like that always, you’re making me nervous you know.” he replied,

His words caught me off guard, I apologized and we continued walking,

“Where are we going anyway?” he said,

“What do you mean I’m going home.” I replied,

“Oh, okay then I should leave you here I have to go the other way.” and he left.

Standing in the middle of the road I told myself that everything was normal,

Even though it didn’t felt like it.

to be continued…

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