Fiction end Chapter- 16, IN the end by the caffables a lifestyle and short story blog.
Fiction, If I Fall

Chapter- 16 | In the end

Fiction end

Chapter- 16 (If I Fall)

In the End

“What are you all hiding, was I ever in an accident?” I started crying,

After a long pause they told me everything, and it was after that accident, that I lost my memories,

“It’s all there is to say.” Emma said,

“There was someone with me in the car?” I asked,

“No you were alone, you were the one driving.” she said,

I can not believe this, I cannot accept this,

All those memories of my school days, I don’t have any of them,

I started getting nervous and breathing heavy,

“You need to relax.” Mom said,

“But mom, I don’t remember.” I stammered,

“It’s okay, if you give into stress your condition will get worse.” she said,

And so I was put to sleep, and kept in the hospital for days,

Keeping my mind numb, so I won’t panic,

I had no idea what was going on, I was just breathing,

It felt that I was barely alive, I don’t know why they were keeping me there,

I don’t know nothing anymore.

What if I never remember anything? they never tell me anything?

What if my story end like this?

Sitting on a hospital bed, I don’t know how long this treatment will continue,

And what will I do if I remember? What if I don’t like the old me?

the end

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