I was found (chapter- 1) cont- if I fall) - a fictional story, romance mystery, friendship, betrayals
Fiction, If I Fall

Chapter-1 | I was found.

Chapter- 1 (If I fall)

I was found

I woke up on the same spot as I were before I found my peace.

Everything was a little blurry at first but then I realized the presence of voices around me.

I heard my name, over and over again. Angie, Are you okay? Wake up.

Looking up, I saw people surrounding me, their faces seemed scared and worried.

Then I saw mom, she was crying. I jumped up, “Why are you crying?” I asked,

She didn’t say anything and just hugged me. It felt good and so I did the same.

Once everyone calmed down, they explained the situation to me.

Apparently, they were worried because of me and I didn’t even feel a thing.

I was happily going down, I was just about to find my silence.

But then something felt missing, like I was forgetting something.

“How did you find me?” I asked.

“I was in your emergency number. Someone called the police and me.” my sister answered.

“But who?” I inquired, but no one knew the answer.

“Leave that, what were you doing here and how did you end up in the river sweetie?” mom asked in a worried voice, with her hands on my cheek.

“I… I must have slipped.” I lied, but I don’t know if they believed.

“Fine, let’s go home.” Dad said, he seemed more scared than anyone else there. I tried standing up, mum and dad helped me.

The police was still there, they had some questions for me but dad asked them to give me some space.

As I sat inside the car I had a sudden headache. And everything went blank for a moment.

I jerked head, so I don’t feel dizzy anymore. Everyone kept asking me if I was okay and I kept saying yes.

But I had a weird feeling, there was something hiding inside of me,

I had a tiny flashback when my head ached. What was that about?

Someone else was there, I don’t know who. Pulling me out of the water. Who might it be?

to be continued

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