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Fiction, If I Fall

Chapter- 15 | I see me

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Chapter- 15 (If I Fall)

I see me.

“Hey stop playing around I’m driving.” he said, as we leave for a school event,

I am in a playful mood, dressing up nice does that to me sometimes,

All I wanted to hear was how pretty I am looking, and so I kept asking him and teasing him,

I got a call that distracted me and I stopped messing with him,

There was too much noise on other end, of people and music,

Everyone is laughing and cheering, I don’t know what it is about, but I think people are having fun.

I couldn’t hear anything on the phone so I kept asking again and again,

“What is it?” he asked,

“I can’t hear, music is too loud.” I replied,

“We are almost there.” he said, and I nodded still trying to listen to my call,

Just as we were around the parking, someone ran out screaming,

It’s Cindy, she is crying and our car is about to hit her,

Both of us got scared, he lost balance of the car and it went off road, slipped and turned upside down.

I can’t move, I am shaken up. Is Cindy okay, is he okay? I kept thinking,

I looked at Cindy, she lied still on the road, and then I looked at him,

But he had no face, what? there was no face. I started breathing heavily,

The scene was getting scarier each passing moment,

Who was I driving with? and is he alive?

What happened to Cindy, what happened to me? What’s going on?

In a split second, I found myself out of car, looking at myself inside the same car,

It feels like my heart stopped, but in that car I am still breathing, and I can’t make out the face of person beside me,

And Cindy, people have gathered around her and I think she is fine, people are moving towards us too,

What if they saw me the two of me? What is happening what do I do?

I closed my eyes in fear and sat down on the road,

And again in a second, everything went silent.

I opened my eyes to find myself in that same coffee shop.

And in front of me were, Cindy and her twin brother Carl sitting at a far corner,

I don’t know what’s going on, how am I here suddenly, and what happened to me in that accident,

“Would approaching Cindy be a wise decision?” I asked myself,

And moved towards them because I had no other choice,

But before I reach them, I saw myself again and that me is also going towards them,

What is this, why am I looking at myself,

I moved towards them to listen what we are talking about.

And there I am apologizing to them for something my friends did,

But I always thought that they were my friends, and here they seem to hate me,

And I am nothing but ashamed and embarrassed,

I fell on the ground again, I am scared, someone please tell me what’s going on,

Then again I heard a voice calling my name, who is it?

And I woke up, in a hospital, surrounded by my family.

I think it was all a dream but it all felt so real, my breathing is still heavy,

“Say sis, did I ever got into an accident?” I asked,

And I can see all of their faces are hiding something.

to be continued…

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