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Fiction, If I Fall

Chapter- 3 | I saved you

Short Fiction

I saved you

I got chills on listening to what he said. “he saved me” I whispered.

After a whole day of searching, I finally found him but somehow it didn’t feel right.

Like it wasn’t even real. Why was I thinking that? But it wasn’t the only strange feeling.

That was the only thought in my mind at the moment, which was weird because my mind hasn’t been like that for a very long time.

It’s always full of random, complicated things which I don’t even understand sometimes.

But at this moment, my only thought was that the person standing in front of me has saved me.

He smiled at me wickedly and sat down beside. “You think a lot, don’t you?” he said,

I nodded, facing the water I sat there for a second to processes the situation and then I thanked him.

“Why did you jump anyway?” he asked,

“I didn’t, I fell.” I answered,

“Don’t lie to yourself at least.” he whispered and I felt a sudden urge to cry.

This feeling is new yet somehow I remember it, almost like I had lost my tears along the way.

And right now I didn’t feel scared to let my guard down. Who is this person and why am I reacting like this around him?

Trusting someone that quick is not like me, but still I am not scared to trust him.

Somehow I feel safe, maybe because he didn’t let me drown.

I’m making things complicated again. Don’t overthink this, it’s just a coincidence. I told myself.

“I don’t know.” I said, “I just wanted it to stop.”

“Stop what?”

“The voices.”

Then suddenly, everything felt silent. Like a spell cast over everything around.

I kept smiling internally, it was good. That feeling was good.

“Who are you anyway? What’s your name?” I asked him after a long pause.

“Tell you what, ask me that if we meet next time. But at some other place.” he simply smiled,

And it went quite again.

to be continued...

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