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Fiction, If I Fall

Chapter- 12 | Faded Memories


Chapter- 12 (If I Fall)

Faded Memories

As he promised the other day, Joe met me as usual and we started finding clues.

I have to find that girl, and I am determined to do so.

First my sister keeps secrets and now this happens, something is definitely going on.

I just have to figure out what and then everything will be back to normal,

Or that’s what I hope would happen.

I was skipping classes yet again, but that wasn’t the top of my concerns.

The first stop was obviously the coffee shop but there was no sign of her,

“Where else do you think we should go?” Joe asked.

I thought for a while and then said, “How about we go to my school, she did say we were friends back then?”

“Sounds good.” he said and we left.

It sure did bring back memories looking at my school,

But somehow they were all unclear and tangled,

My head started aching the more I tried to remember.

“Are you okay?” Joe shook me a little and I came out of my thoughts.

I told him I was fine and we stepped inside.

Again there was this pain as I was walking through the hallway.

I was having tiny flashes of my time at school but none of them were clear.

And they were so different from what I remember,

All of this was making me nervous and afraid. What was happening to me?

Then I realized something, what if this is what happened to me that day,

When I fainted and my sister took me to the hospital.

But what if it happens again, I can’t go to the hospital mom will find out everything about this.

I had to control myself no matter what.

“Hey Joe, would you promise me something?” I looked at him and added “If anything happens to me, please don’t take me to the hospital.”

He looked confused, “What do you mean?” he asked, his voice cracked a little.

“Just saying. Give a promise will you.” I smiled and he nodded.

Then I asked him to wait while I talked to my teachers,

As expected they would surely not reveal any personal information but I did figure something out.

I knew now where that girl lived, but first I thought I should find my friends, whom I remember.

The twins Carl and Cindy

I hope they will have the memories I’m missing, and I hope I will get some clues.

to be continued…


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