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Fiction, If I Fall

Chapter – 14 | Blank Faces

fiction genre

Chapter- 14 (If I Fall)

Blank Faces

“I.. am.. here, to see my friends.” I stammered,

“Who do you think you’re calling friends? You ruined our children’s life, get lost now.” the lady shouted,

What did she mean, I ruined someone’s life?

What is going on, what’s happening?

Her husband stood there silent, staring at me with disgust,

Chills ran down my spine, my whole body went numb and I couldn’t move.

Just then a guy around my age came and walked me away, apologizing to them.

He was talking to me all the time, asking if I was okay and telling who he was,

Apparently, he was their neighbor,

And invited me to his house.

My head was blank the whole time, I couldn’t take in any of his words, nothing made sense anymore.

Offering me water, he said to me, “I know what happened to you, I’m so sorry.”

He caught my attention, I started at him without saying a word, then he showed me a picture.

“This is Carl and Cindy do you remember?” he said,

And that one picture brought back the ugliest memories I never thought I had,

They both were being laughed at and made fun of by those people around me,

Who were they? Why can’t I remember them?

All those faces were blank, I don’t know why, I don’t know anything.

I started shivering and sweating, my throat went dry,

What was happening to me?

And before I know, everything went black.

A faint voice kept calling me, who is it?

Is it Joe? Please save me Joe, please… save.. me.

to be continued

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